CoDe Translations provides translation services for all type of documents.

We are specialised in Cooperation and Development projects’ documents for all kind of international, regional and local donors, such as:

• Projects technical reports;
• European Union;
• World Bank;
• African Development Bank;
• Asian Development Bank;
• InterAmerican Development Bank;
• Trade Mark East Africa;
• Governments and Ministries;
• Regional Economic Communities;
• Etc.

The main kind of documents we usually translate are (the list is not exhaustive):

• Project profiles;
• Terms of reference;
• CV;
• Financial agreements;
• Tender dossiers;
• Company profiles;
• Call for proposal dossiers,
• Technical offers (company profile, project history, organisation and methodology file, etc.);
• Administrative documents;
• Financial documents (balance sheet, financial identification sheet, financial declarations, etc.);